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The convincing problem

I’m reading a book about climate change. Scientifically, climate change is scary. But this book is giving me so much anxiety and dread for our environmental future.

Like, I’m picturing a desert wasteland where we fight each other for food and water.

At some point in this fight, you’ve gotta be the optimist. I already have anxiety, and looking at trash has started adding extra stress on top of that. That’s so not sustainable for me as a person, ya know?

I want to be an Earth optimist. I want it so bad. I don’t want to be scared into making sustainable changes. This is not the way!! This book I’m reading (and I’m planning to finish it just because I’m stubborn) is not making me want to make better choices for the earth. It’s making me want to curl up and cry because the problem is too big for me to solve.

I think a lot of people feel like I do. They think individual action is too small, too hopeless. Maybe certain writers are trying to scare them into caring. This has never been the way to make people care, though.

I wanna tell you individual action counts. I wanna be an optimist! I wanna be an optimist.

The environment is an overwhelming thing to take on and it’s not doing sustainable living movement any good to overwhelm people with terrifying pictures of the future, even if it is true.

This is just my opinion. So I just wanted you readers to know this is where I stand. I probably won’t be the person to tell you all the scary things and though I form my own thoughts based on scientific evidence, I probably won’t be the source of that for you.

My goal is to tell you what I do to help the earth and to help you do it too. But only if you want. My goal is to show you the Earth is beautiful and worth saving, but I won’t force you to look.

I want very badly to convince you to make sustainable changes, but I’m never going to guilt you into that. Because it’s hard sometimes. It’s a long process sometimes. It’s overwhelming sometimes. I guess I just needed to ramble about that for a second. Mostly for myself because I’m not doing so well with the added pressure of saving the whole world. I’ve gotta become an optimist.

I’m about to take a road trip. I plan on Instagramming (@carters_cross_country) and writing about the experience and my effort to stay sustainable (while burning through 10000 miles worth of gas).

I want to try to write it in a way that makes you care without making you scared. Hope ya like it. Hope it inspires ya. Hope ya stick around until the end.

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