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ode to my charley

I just zoomed through John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley, a tale of a time John Steinbeck packed up a little camper and traveled for three months. A former teacher recommended the book when I told him about the road trip. Have I even talk about that here yet? I don’t know. I’m also going on a three month road trip, but with my husband. Minimal money, minimal waste. Yeah, I guess I had to throw in some kind of environmental goal in there.

I loved this book and I want everyone else to read this book.

I learned about John and I learned about his dog (Charley) and I learned about myself. I feel like I know what to expect on this trip and it’s that I can’t possibly know anything.

Steinbeck’s writing is really relatable to me. He’s got a cynical humor that I am really drawn to, but you can tell he’s a deep thinker. #itme

I have so many feelings about packing up my things in a Jeep and driving for three months. Sleeping in tents and on friends’ floors. Driving over 12,000 miles. Trying to take care of my body and continue cutting out bread and sugar. Trying to take care of the earth and minimize my plastic, water & energy use. Seeing parts of my country that I’ve seen a lot and others I’ve never seen at all, not even in pictures. Having my parents fly out for a week and explore Arizona and Utah and Las Vegas! I get to meet one of my best friend’s baby! I get to see Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon! I get to go back to New York! My best friend from New York is joining us for a week! Having my husband by my side the whole time. Ah.

That’s the series I’ll be writing while we’re gone. My husband is my Charley. I mean, he means more to be than a dog, but he’s my faithful companion and I called him Matty and it rhymes with Charley, so there.

I’ll be sharing pictures on instagram with the account @carters_cross_country. Hopefully I’ll be writing a lot. I wanna write about the things I feel and how you probably won’t feel the same thing if you go to the same places I do. I wanna learn about my America. I wanna do Steinbeck proud on my experience with this place. But with Matty. Travels with Matty. Coming September 2018. Hope you enjoy.

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