We’re out

We’re on our trip. It’s day 5. So far we’ve driven through Western North Carolina, Asheville, Canton, Waynesville, Cherokee and the Great Smoky Mountains. We drove through Pigeon Forge and stopped in Chattanooga for a two-day music festival. It’s been hot and humid and rainy, but today is was chilly and I wore a sweater. Because I’m choosing to be lazy, I’m not putting pictures here #sorry, but you can click through to my instagram at a link to the right side of the page. 🙂

It’s only day 5 and I’m very tired. We’ve spent $90 on gas and I’m already annoyed at how prices vary and I don’t understand why we can’t just pick one and go with it. We’ve slept at 3 different places so far. Now we’re in Nashville. Doing this for three months is gonna be pretty challenging. I’m sure you have noticed the terrible writing I’m doing in this post and it’s because, again, I’m very tired. I’m excited about adventures and stressed about time and money.

My favorite things so far have been standing in awe of nature and sitting still in the sun or in the breeze just looking at it. Or maybe with a book. We’re also dealing with an hour time difference right now, so that’s adding to my sleepiness. Hopefully I’ll be a better writer and more awake as we adjust to this weird lifestyle. Honestly the days feel like months. We’ve been cramming so much in small amounts of time and the lunch I ate today feels like three days ago. It’s weird.

That’s it. I’m more eloquent on my aforementioned instagram. Cheers to Tennessee!

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