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day 23

We’re in the desert!

In the six days since I wrote last, we’ve driven around 950 miles. From Austin to Alamogordo to Tucson. Up until we crossed into the desert, it didn’t feel like we were that far from home. The Texas we saw and all the stops before looked pretty similar to our home. They felt familiar. Not far outside of Austin, I saw my very first desert.

It doesn’t feel like we are close to home anymore. It actually feels like an adventure now. And, aside from some visitors we will be having for the next week, we won’t stay with another friend for nearly 3 weeks. Definitely not close to home.

The 421 miles we spent driving on highway 10 in Texas was really cool at first. New landscape! Then it stopped being cool and I’d rather not drive 11 hours through flat desert again. Without music! Because someone in Brazil hacked into my email, used my reset password link to log into my Spotify, deleted my road trip playlist and most of my downloaded music, and listened to Portuguese rap and K-Pop. West Texas has 3 radio stations. Ah.

Alamogordo was the coolest place in the whole wide world. We tent camped at a KOA and I loved it so much that I’d live there. In my tent. At the KOA. White Sands National Monument was the greatest thing I’ve ever done. We luckily showed up the night of the full moon, so the park had a “program” and stayed open late for the moonrise. We watched the sun set over pink-brown mountains and white-turned-golden dunes. The program ended up being a presentation on a local non-profit that takes in reptiles deemed not fit for sale in the pet industry. I got to hold a skink and 3 pythons. It was awesome. Then the moon (and their regular full moon is the size of a Carolina supermoon, so) rose over the sands. I nearly cried multiple times. Everything was beautiful.

We spent the next day at a small zoo and it was lovely. Then we went back to White Sands and hiked in the hot desert. The sands looked like field of snow.

I did not enjoy the 5 hour drive through New Mexico to Tucson. But anyway. We’ve been sleeping on the futon of a dear friend from Brooklyn and it’s been so great to chill with him and cook meals and share drinks. And he introduced us to a fantastic diner by day, Mexican food by night. So great.

Today we went to a petting zoo and I got to pet goats, my true loves. And pigs and emu and donkey and capybara and a cow and chickens and porcupine.

OH and we also went to Saguaro National Park and we hiked through cactus forests and saw a bunch of desert lizards and one desert squirrel. I think I saw a sleeping snake in a hole, but that’s unconfirmed. I saw a gila monster outside our friend’s place. Animals are kinda scary, but I like em, ya know? What do I NOT like though? The desert heat. It sucks. If you say it’s a dry heat and it isn’t bad, you are a liar. It’s 100 degrees and has been for three days and I’m so sweaty and dehydrated and it sucks. Alamogordo only got up to 85 degrees and tricked me into thinking I enjoy deserts. I know better now.

I’m thankful for air conditioning. Matt doesn’t like reptiles, birds or goats. We’re learning things about ourselves.


As always, pics to the right.

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