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day 48

I can’t believe we’ve been traveling for almost 50 days.

Since we last met… We’ve gone from Grover Beach to Big Sur to Santa Cruz to San Francisco to Jenner to Redcrest to Brookings to Portland to Seattle and where we are now. My travel instagram is still catching up, which is fine because I want to be on it less. But I keep finding my hands drifting toward my phone. I think I’ll delete my instagram app for a while after the trip ends.

We drove the ENTIRE length of CA-1. It became exhausting. It was beautiful. But exhausting.

We went to church in San Francisco and they happened to be celebrating their 5 year church birthday. Our home church in Brooklyn was celebrating their 5 year church birthday the same weekend. It was special, but my heart was also so sad. It made me crave home again, crave a place to call mine with people that are a constant in my life. I love traveling and I love getting to see friends I haven’t seen in years. It’s been such a joy to reconnect and be treated so well. But, for once, I miss a routine and I miss roots.

Church in San Francisco was also the first time I have felt joy being in a church in a while. Not just contentment, but joy. Actual joy standing in the presence of God and men smiling, worshiping, speaking truth and enjoying birthday donuts and pourovers. Yep. Pourovers. What a church. It was a really really lifegiving weekend to be in San Francisco.

In Grover Beach, I met and pet two dogs. And our airbnb host was an older woman who told of her past adventures and encouraged us on ours.

Jenner and Redcrest were relaxing camps. And we saw a whale. Two whales! Jumping out of the water. It was amazing. The ocean is so crazy.

In Santa Cruz, I thought of my friends back in Austin because that’s where they met. We texted the whole day and I sent their baby a Santa Cruz bib that says “I’m whaley cute.” And she is. Whaley cute.

Brookings is beautiful and we ate cold Mexican food on a cold night by a fire and it was truly wonderful.

I LOVE PORTLAND. PORTLAND WAS SO GREAT. And I ran about 2 miles to try and make it back to the car before the parking meter ran out.

Did not love Seattle, but LOVED being with my friend in her city a little bit east of Seattle. We played pool and cards against humanity and ate dinner and drank beer and played with a wonderful wonderful good boy. My dog cuddles are off the charts.

We have well exceeded our October budget, I’m very very sleepy, I started a new anxiety medication that makes me very sleepy, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Except maybe I would teleport instead of driving. Especially the long drives we have coming up this week to get from West to East.

Til next time.

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