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day 62

Since I wrote last… We’ve gone from Spokane to Missoula to Big Sky to Rapid City to Mitchell to Minneapolis to Chicago to Clearfield to where we are now.

A huge part of this trip was trying to figure out where we wanted to live. We moved out of New York City and lived with my parents for the summer. Then we left. And we’ve lived in a car for 62 days now. Spokane was it.

We decided where to live. We have an ideal home to return to when this trip ends.

It’s a weird feeling. We spent an entire summer plus 50 days not knowing where “home” was. To be honest, I’m still not sure where home is. Or what home is. I feel like my heart was crushed (but like crushed ice, not smashed flat) and then scattered across America. That’s why we’ve had so many friends to stay with. My heart is in these friends and these places and it’s in the places I’ve lived myself. Home is weird.

The Pacific North West gave us sunny weather. It was sunny the entire time. Isn’t that crazy? Is that because of climate change? It was weird and beautiful. The leaves in Washington and Montana were superior. I was worried I wouldn’t get to see fall. We saw it in BEAUTIFUL COLORS. I saw many many rainbows.

It finally rained in Big Sky, but the fog is cool over the mountains. Rapid City was weird because we went to see Mount Rushmore and I didn’t care about that at all, if I’m being honest. Matt liked it. The gift shop had a shirt made from recycled bottles, though, so that was cool.

Mitchell was lovely. Not because of what we did. There’s nothing in that city, from what I could tell. Just typical small town things and a corn palace. By the way, it isn’t made of corn. It’s just decorated with corn. I thought it was made of corn. Talk about my expectations being a little high lol. Mitchell was lovely because our airbnb host met us in person (and the dog cuddled me!), gave us a property tour, gave us privacy when wanted, THEN made us breakfast. We shared scones and eggs and coffee with Sarah and her husband and to receive hospitality from a stranger like that was… Cool. It was cool.

We ate wonderful food in Minneapolis and drank wonderful coffee.

In Chicago, we stayed with my nycbff and while that was so so so great, I’m quite sad to not have a set date for our next reunion. It’s hard to be away. Like I said, my heart is scattered.

Clearfield, PA Best Western. The first time Matt and I have been alone, like ACTUALLY alone, in 60 days. We’ve spent time together alone, but normally we were at a campground or in a friend’s living room. It was weirdly quiet to be alone.

I’m feeling really grateful for the love we’ve gotten over the past two months. It’s kind of overwhelming. One to go.

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