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Jumping right into it, I’d like to announce to the blog world that I’ve taken on a year of sustainable living journey on my personal instagram, which I’ve made public (at least for now, until I freak myself out again having it public lol, right?). Anyway it’s right here if you want to follow along. Each month has a theme and each week has a new challenge, and I got them from a local church ministry.

One day I’ll talk about how cool it is that a church is finally caring about environmental issues, but this post isn’t about that.

My phone is always giving me the weirdest news alerts. It thinks I care really deeply about vegan issues (?) so today when it showed me a news story about this prominent vegan figure with a vegan brand and vegan Youtube channel and stuff, well, I read it. So I guess my phone is right.

Anyway the guy’s been vegan for like, ever, and he started eating some animal products again to support his physical health. Seems logical to me, but not so.

His company stopped supporting him and he stepped down and wow, people were making hateful Internet comments, but that’s not surprising, is it?

There are some extreme extreme views on veganism and plant-based living and ethics and cruelty free and PETA, and they aren’t what I want to promote here.

The February theme I’ve been blabbering about for the past few weeks is “Plant-Based” and it’s been really exciting to tell my friends about small things they can do each week to have a plant-based focus.

If you eat or use animal products, there are going to be people out there that tell you how much you suck and how much you hate the earth and how much you hate animals. I think they mean well, but I also think they’re wrong.

Not everyone can make plant-based work 100%. Not everyone has access to it. Not everyone can afford it or even have the privilege to consider it.

All I ask in my space is that we all try our best.

I personally crave meat a couple times per month and I attribute it to hormones. Even eating animal products, I have low B12, so sometimes I think a meat craving is listening to my body tell me what vitamins it needs. I eat eggs and cheese, but not always, just sometimes. I am vegetarian most of the time, vegan when I can be, and a meat-eater two or three times a month. I buy from local sources when possible.

And I am one of the most passionate environmental advocates you’ll find right now. I’m passionate about inclusivity in this movement and about reversing climate change and I too love the animals. You can be those things too, even if you aren’t vegan.

I’m a climate optimist and a climate realist. Doesn’t have to be perfect. Let’s just be real, okay?


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