I’ve spent the past hour going through old posts on this blog and WOW. I’ve deleted so many of them because I would never want those words published to the Internet and someone think it was truth. I’ve kept a few too because it’s really nice to see growth and be able to watch someone’s path of learning.

I used to think I wasn’t a feminist.

I used to think exams were the biggest problem in the world.

I used to not have depression and anxiety.

I used to think yellow jackets were bees. They ain’t.

I used to not vote.

I used to drink out of water bottles. Water BOTTLES.

I used to have a crush on a boy and was too shy to tell him. (I married him.)

I used to be ignorant, like I literally wrote that I did not know anything about environmentalism, like WOW.

This is all from 2013. I’ve got years of stuff left to go through. Oy.


The Internet can be really tricky. We can find words someone wrote many years ago and think they are still that person. They might be. But if they’re anything like me, I went through college, I left the country, I lived in New York City, I didn’t live anywhere for three months and now I’m here. I’m pretty blown away by the growth I’ve experienced the past seven years of having this platform.

How humbling it is to know that, at this point, I do not know all there is to know. An entire life ahead to learn and ache and grow some more.

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