I haven’t written in a year. That’s the most incredible sentence I think I could read right now. A year? An entire year.

And now we’re in 2020. The pandemic, the societal reckoning with systemic racism, climate change still going strong, exhaustion. I still don’t feel like writing.

I got a random amount of views this week and just wanted to be clear that my household has not remained silent in this.

We are wearing our masks to protect others. We have followed governor’s stay home orders as best as possible despite having to go to work as essential workers. We have fought for science. We have supported local businesses. I am COVID strong, you know?

Where have I lacked? In saying black lives matter. That’s how. So I just came here to say it. We are (now) fighting for that too, but it took far too long. Far too many years of silence. Yes, we grieved over racism, but we are now taking responsibility. But you really do not need to hear my words about this. There are many others that should be elevated instead, so I will stop here to say: It’s the time to speak up. Do your research, learn, reflect, grieve, laugh, cry, and, whatever you do, do not remain silent.

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