New: The Sustainable Pet

I've been practicing zero waste for a year! I can't believe there was life before this. I grew up in a meat-eating trash-making household, like I'm assuming most of you did too. We didn't and still don't have easy access to recycling in my hometown, so we didn't recycle. (My parents recycle now, but you … Continue reading New: The Sustainable Pet


Hi! If you haven't read my post from last week, go ahead and do that first. Okay... Great. Last week's challenge was donating to a teacher in any sort of way. I ended up getting prayer requests more than anything and talked a little with a friend frustrated with the way her school was running … Continue reading Impact


March's theme for our year of sustainability based on this plan is about empowering women. I love that. I love that in a year of mostly focusing specifically on environmental practices, we are taking the time to talk about gender and race and how environment is tied in with all of life. I got really … Continue reading Empowering

day 48

I can't believe we've been traveling for almost 50 days. Since we last met... We've gone from Grover Beach to Big Sur to Santa Cruz to San Francisco to Jenner to Redcrest to Brookings to Portland to Seattle and where we are now. My travel instagram is still catching up, which is fine because I … Continue reading day 48