March's theme for our year of sustainability based on this plan is about empowering women. I love that. I love that in a year of mostly focusing specifically on environmental practices, we are taking the time to talk about gender and race and how environment is tied in with all of life. I got really [...]


Jumping right into it, I'd like to announce to the blog world that I've taken on a year of sustainable living journey on my personal instagram, which I've made public (at least for now, until I freak myself out again having it public lol, right?). Anyway it's right here if you want to follow along. [...]


I want to make another argument for the zero waste movement. This movement, for me, is about owning less and using less. It's about being more aware of what I'm putting in and on my body. Being good to the earth is a positive side effect of this movement, of course, but I have to [...]

tower and fall

I was building a super tall taller-than-you lego tower with my fave little 2 year old bud a few nights ago. TBH I've learned more from working with kids the past two years than I learned like... my whole life? Anyway, I'll call him Kid in this post since I don't love naming names in [...]

care/of review

A short post about my first impressions of care/of, after my experience with the other supplement. So they switched warehouses or something like that and shipments are delayed. But customer service response was 10/10 when I asked about it. The pros are I know exactly what each supplement is supposed to do for me. I [...]

Vitamin test #1 and done

So as you may remember, I did a month trial (w/ my coupon code holla) of Ritual vitamins. I really had no point except that I normally don't feel good physically or mentally and I want to. Here's how it went and my next steps! So my first full week can hardly be considered in [...]

daily ritual

Take your vitamins! If you need to. I do. My first northeast cloudy winter/ lack of having a yard gave me a vitamin D deficiency. The same blood test showed I also have a vitamin b12 deficiency. Woohoo! So I started taking those two supplements. I used to take a women's multivitamin, but I was [...]

oh, health

oh, health

pre-ramble Happy Sunday. Can't wait to work a Sunday afternoon shift, she said sarcastically. Ah, but it's fine. It just means my Monday is actually a weekend, so finally FINALLY, I can be the happy one. It just really makes me ill when people say "oh boy it's Friday, it's the weekend" when my Friday [...]