tower and fall

I was building a super tall taller-than-you lego tower with my fave little 2 year old bud a few nights ago. TBH I've learned more from working with kids the past two years than I learned like... my whole life? Anyway, I'll call him Kid in this post since I don't love naming names in [...]

care/of review

A short post about my first impressions of care/of, after my experience with the other supplement. So they switched warehouses or something like that and shipments are delayed. But customer service response was 10/10 when I asked about it. The pros are I know exactly what each supplement is supposed to do for me. I [...]

daily ritual

Take your vitamins! If you need to. I do. My first northeast cloudy winter/ lack of having a yard gave me a vitamin D deficiency. The same blood test showed I also have a vitamin b12 deficiency. Woohoo! So I started taking those two supplements. I used to take a women's multivitamin, but I was [...]

oh, health

oh, health

pre-ramble Happy Sunday. Can't wait to work a Sunday afternoon shift, she said sarcastically. Ah, but it's fine. It just means my Monday is actually a weekend, so finally FINALLY, I can be the happy one. It just really makes me ill when people say "oh boy it's Friday, it's the weekend" when my Friday [...]