day 62

Since I wrote last... We've gone from Spokane to Missoula to Big Sky to Rapid City to Mitchell to Minneapolis to Chicago to Clearfield to where we are now. A huge part of this trip was trying to figure out where we wanted to live. We moved out of New York City and lived with [...]

day 48

I can't believe we've been traveling for almost 50 days. Since we last met... We've gone from Grover Beach to Big Sur to Santa Cruz to San Francisco to Jenner to Redcrest to Brookings to Portland to Seattle and where we are now. My travel instagram is still catching up, which is fine because I [...]

We’re out

We're on our trip. It's day 5. So far we've driven through Western North Carolina, Asheville, Canton, Waynesville, Cherokee and the Great Smoky Mountains. We drove through Pigeon Forge and stopped in Chattanooga for a two-day music festival. It's been hot and humid and rainy, but today is was chilly and I wore a sweater. [...]


In the weight of world and personal tragedy this week, I haven't found it appropriate to post anything on social media or on this blog. A recipe will not help you right now. A day in New York will not help you right now. And as far as the heavier stuff I'm best at writing... [...]

new things

Just wanted to let everyone know that every single one of my old blog posts can now be found on this website! Hooray for easy merging. Thanks, wordpress. The domain name may have needed change, but let's be real: I'll always be the girl that writes about Jesus and culture.   xoxoxo