April 17

This is the way things are meant to be: cluttered, wild, free. Messy. There's an odd smell I can't place. Maybe that weird blooming thing that everyone in this state knows, but i can't remember the name.There's a roaring mower two houses down and a quieter roar to my left. Carpenter bees getting all they … Continue reading April 17


hey again. like i said, back on the writing game. and currently not feeling the capital letter. trigger warning/ death, sickness, grief i wanted to talk about grief. i lost my grandma a few months ago. october 25, i think. the grief first came 2 weeks prior when she got diagnosed with covid-19. i'll save … Continue reading grief


Here we are. The irony isn't lost on me that the only post I published in 2020 was called Silent. I won't lie. I enter this year weary. I have absolutely no reason to believe that just because the number changed, circumstance will too. I came here to delete this blog because I haven't felt … Continue reading 2021


I haven't written in a year. That's the most incredible sentence I think I could read right now. A year? An entire year. And now we're in 2020. The pandemic, the societal reckoning with systemic racism, climate change still going strong, exhaustion. I still don't feel like writing. I got a random amount of views … Continue reading Silent


I've spent the past hour going through old posts on this blog and WOW. I've deleted so many of them because I would never want those words published to the Internet and someone think it was truth. I've kept a few too because it's really nice to see growth and be able to watch someone's … Continue reading Growth

day 48

I can't believe we've been traveling for almost 50 days. Since we last met... We've gone from Grover Beach to Big Sur to Santa Cruz to San Francisco to Jenner to Redcrest to Brookings to Portland to Seattle and where we are now. My travel instagram is still catching up, which is fine because I … Continue reading day 48

We’re out

We're on our trip. It's day 5. So far we've driven through Western North Carolina, Asheville, Canton, Waynesville, Cherokee and the Great Smoky Mountains. We drove through Pigeon Forge and stopped in Chattanooga for a two-day music festival. It's been hot and humid and rainy, but today is was chilly and I wore a sweater. … Continue reading We’re out