three months and done

Not actually done with new york. Just done blogging about it. Three months has been enough to get settled in, so if you still wanna stay updated, seriously just text, call, follow my ever-active instagram. 😉 Can't believe we've been here for 3 months though. Here's what you missed. I am finally a real barista [...]

Two months down

Two months down

Two months in New York already? Crazy. Here's what you missed. (And here was month one if you missed it) I'm still working. Still good. A new amazing opportunity for me is happening! (details below) Updates on M's job hunt (also below) I got to catch up with a friend from Boston a few weeks [...]



I'll try to keep this brief. I'm very tired of online discussions. This is meant to be informational and straightforward and I've linked several other resources within the post. Let's just get straight to the point. Number one: I do not like abortion, but I do not support making abortion illegal. In practice, abortion law [...]

One month down

One month down

We've officially been living in New York for one month. Here's what you've missed! Our very first day here one of my best friends happened to be in Long Island and met us in the city. She got to visit again a few weeks later. My mom, aunt and two cousins visited one Saturday and [...]

Get on my level

If you've been with me for a while, you've probably read one of my response blogs before. I like sarcasm. I think it's a fun way to make a statement and usually it's harmless. Response blogs are childish. I've tricked you with the title of this post. No one needs to get on my level. [...]


So one of my friends keeps insisting that I post about me recently being married and moving to new york city. I'm gonna stray away from my normal writings and talk about it now. Here ya go. 😉 I'm a wife! I still don't believe it when I say it out loud. I still call [...]

It’s only rock n’ roll

Magical night with rock n roll and friends

Running with The Fox

You know those moments when you feel as if everyone around you totally gets it? That’s how I felt at the Rolling Stones show; 40, 000 people singing along to every note, dancing to every groove, and pointing like they were on stage beside Mick and the gang.

photo 4

Rock n’ Roll has it’s own way of turning strangers into friends and looking around I was inspired by the amount of people who have been moved by their music. Young and the young at heart; smiling and dancing like it was 1974. The Avett Brothers opened the show but unfortunately I was in endless traffic for most of their show. I walked in at the height of their “Kick drum heart” performance and from what I could tell they were completely humbled to be opening for the Stones and showed their gratitude by giving the audience an incredible 45 minute jam session. Being…

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Fear of flying

Title is not a metaphor. I'm terrified of flying. I flew from North Carolina to Texas today right across a big line of storms. The turbulence was so rough the flight attendants were instructed to discontinue cabin service and remain seated. So I was freaking out! However, I remembered I believe in a sovereign God. [...]