year one, the poem.

felt your hot breath and your tears falling to my chest as we feared together, things to come. i sat quietly, your arms around me, with lightbulbs in my head turning on. thinking when we're old, if we make it there... i don't believe in promises, but this i swear: i know you'll love me [...]

Some upcoming stuff

Just to update everyone, my phone crashed recently. Thanks, Apple, really loving the new update, said NO ONE. I lost... well, pretty much every recipe photo I've been wanting to share in the last two months. Which also means I lost the recipe itself, as I sure didn't write it down. But I like sharing, [...]


I always thought I'd be a writer. Actually that's not true. But in the past few years, yeah, I thought I'd be a writer. Or maybe a missionary. Or a singer. Or a banjoist. Something. I've been thinking a lot lately about dreams and then I read my friend's post about dreams, and it added [...]

Writer’s Block

Running with The Fox

I’ve been feeling a great deal of writers block lately.

I have an intense desire to write, to inspire, to inform, but truthfully it hasn’t been coming so easily. I spend most of my hours at work, with Jonah, or trying to ground myself in my yoga practice; but I’ve noticed a shift of joy lately. I’ve been more in tune with my own needs, and the needs of those around me. I’m starting to feel rested and peaceful. I’ve been hoping and praying about these things for what seems like forever. I’m taking one day at a time; i’m trying to be less frustrated, less disconnected, and less impatient. I’m accepting where I am; I’m spending a lot of time planning, brainstorming, and dreaming about where I hope the new year takes me. I am also allowing myself to be more present. I am allowing grace to lead me…

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I want to be…

"I want to be the kind of writer who is awake to the realities of heaven, but engaged in the realities of this world." -Allison Vesterfelt in Packing Light I hope I can be this writer for you. I hope my posts challenge you to see the God of Christianity in a new way. I [...]