A weekend in NYC: Part 1

After our excursion in Hell’s Kitchen, I haven’t done the best job of seeking out neighborhood-specific adventures. With husband getting a new job, me getting promoted and taking on more hours, babysitting and finding time to rest and catch up on Supernatural (and now Cheers), it’s easy to get caught up in all this busyness and forget to be in awe of where we live!

The past few weeks, we’ve had several random friends, old and new, visiting the city and totally took us out of our routine. It’s been great. We spontaneously went to a Jerry Seinfeld show at the Beacon Theater. My friend’s band toured through nyc and he and another guy slept in our living room for a week. That made me step out of my comfort zone and go to a bar show alone while M was at work, and I ended up having such a nice time. We also went to a venue in Williamsburg to see a band based out of North Carolina. I usually avoid Williamsburg, but it was so worth it to get a little taste of home.

Anyway, my whole point of this post is that one of my best friends and her boyfriend stayed with us this weekend, arriving the same day our band friends left. It would’ve been really easy to be too tired to be tourists, but we explored with them anyway and had tons of fun.

So, without further rambling, here’s a quick guide to a cheap-ish weekend in New York City!


Friends arrived in the afternoon and managed to snag tickets to Jimmy Fallon. Enter every lottery you can and maybe you’ll win something! I haven’t been so lucky. Yet. We met up later and had chicken and rice at the Halal Guys restaurant on 14th st then made our way to Times Square, spending too much money on M&Ms and too much time losing each other in the Disney Store.


I had to work on Saturday, so friends followed me to the financial district early in the morning. I made them mochas and they shared donuts. While I worked, they checked out the view from the top of the world trade center and took the Staten Island ferry to get a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty. They grabbed cheap hotdogs for lunch. I met back up with them and we went to 5th Avenue. We spontaneously stopped at Jacques Torres where I obviously cheated on my diet and got a cookie. I got to go in the Plaza Hotel for the first time and it was so nice. The lobby smelled amazing but totally made me sneeze so thanks flowers. Trump Tower is also nearby if you’d like to see how they’ve ramped up security, but I did not exactly enjoy being around the armed guards. Afterwards, we made our way through Central Park to check out the views where city + nature collide. We walked through the park to get to Laduree for some macarons. They are totally pretentious here, but the macarons are worth it. Just don’t buy too many because $$$$. Here I split off again to run errands and they went to the Met and grabbed some nyc pizza for dinner, ending the night at an old speakeasy in Brooklyn. Apparently not as cool as the internet made it out to be, but probably worth a google.


Friends started Sunday with a diner breakfast. Diners are amazing and food is cheap. They tried really hard to get to the Museum of Natural History, but trains are usually running weird on weekends due to construction. (I’d recommend downloading the Citymapper app because it tells you all the service changes!) Time was just a little too constrained at that point so they went to check out Macy’s before our scheduled tour in NBC Studios. Get tickets in advance for this. Because it is Sunday, we got to see the SNL Studio and it was SUCH A DREAM FOR ME, GUYS. Also saw the Jimmy Fallon studio and where Lester Holt does nightly news. So cool. M left for work after this and sadly friends had to head to the airport, so we made our way back to Brooklyn to grab their things. Luckily, we passed by the best 99 cent pizza I’ve tried so far, so our final activity together was delicious.


It was so refreshing to be tourists in our city this weekend and I can’t wait to post about part two in a few weeks when my parents visit (!!!).