A weekend in NYC: Part 2

Remember in my last post of how to spend a short weekend in nyc when I said I was excited for my parents to visit?? WELL. They did and so here is another list of how to spend a short weekend in nyc! Yay.


If you visit NYC on Amtrak, chances are you may be hit with a train delay. Penn Station is the last stop so… Eh, it happens. Anyway. Our first weekend activity was dinner at Juliana’s Pizza and then spending a little bit (and I mean a LITTLE bit because my dad’s not a doing things kinda guy) of time looking at the view from the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade. Optional thing is to walk the bridge, which I really enjoy doing. If you come to NYC, COME TO BROOKLYN. On the way back home, we got cheesecake from Junior’s.


For breakfast we picked up a good supply of bagels and cream cheese to last the weekend because nyc bagels are amazing. We went to manhattan to board the staten island ferry so that my dad could see the statue of liberty, his one direct request. If you’re looking to avoid touristy crowds and paying for things, well, this at least knocks off one of those. 11 a.m. on a sunny spring Sunday is not the time to avoid touristy crowds, but whatever. Then we got coffee from my job and then we ate lunch at Bareburger. It’s a chain, but it’s delicious and organic and stuff. They also have elk, bison, duck and vegetarian options. Just in case you’re into that. Also beer. We spent most of the afternoon at the 9/11 Museum and Memorial, which I’d seriously recommend. For dinner, we ordered in because we were all ~tired~ from all the museum walking. #Seamless. Habana Outpost in Brooklyn. Cuban sandwiches and grilled corn. Do it. Also has outdoor seating in the warm months!


On our last day, we just hung out together a bit, but we did take some time to walk to Barclays Center just to waste some time. Then I grabbed some chicken and rice from the halal cart on Pacific Street because it’s the very best ever. Do I talk about chicken and rice too much? Don’t care. Taxied to Penn Station, which also has a Krispy Kreme* and I don’t need to say anymore about that.


Additional tip: Walking is your friend. The subway is your other friend, though maybe a little smellier. We did an experiment this weekend to see how much we’d spend on transportation using an unlimited card vs. pay per ride. If you’ll be here more than 2 days, totally just get a 7 day unlimited card to save some stress. It’s $30ish total compared to $2.75 per ride with the other method. You want to be able to travel spontaneously. Plus someone can use your card after you leave. And trust me, someone will ask you for extra swipes.

Another tip: Allergy-prone pals, NYC allergies hit me harder than North Carolina country allergies!!! Come prepared.

* If you insist on having other donuts, Orwasher’s Bakery has the most amazing jelly filled and I live near Doughnut Plant, which has amazing in general. But to me, you’ll never beat that cheap, melty taste of KK. #kkforever