Not even a full day in Hell’s Kitchen

You know those blogs that share all the fun things to do in all the fun neighborhoods during your trip to New York? Then you read it and think YES. Jam packed fun. NO worries about cost. I won’t be too tired after lunch and start becoming very whiny like a toddler.

Those blogs.

This isn’t one of those blogs.

My husband and I (okay I) decided it would be fun to randomly select a couple neighborhoods from each NYC borough and then tackle one each weekend for the next few months. I used yelp and wikipedia and a few other websites to get ideas. Also maps to show what was close by because walking is hard. We also didn’t want to spend a ton of money on activities, so we skipped a few things we wanted to do and added it to a “next time” list.

The first random selection was, you guessed it because it’s in the title: Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan.

Our plan was to leave the apartment at 9. We left at 10. Close enough. First stop was Donna Bell’s Bake Shop, co-owned by Pauley Perrette, NCIS actress and actual very cool human person. Skip out on the coffee here unless you don’t really care about taste, but definitely try a scone or a cornbread! Both so good. I’d tell you to get a biscuit, but northerners just can’t do biscuits right. I’ve stopped trusting it.

We walked a couple hundred feet down the block and found a plaza to sit in. Today was abnormally warm, so it was great to sit outside for breakfast.

Next we made our way to the Battalion 9 fire station to honor the firefighters that lost their lives on 9/11. This was one of the most impacted (if not the most, I think) stations that day. There’s a little memorial for them on the side of the building.

Next we walked to the Hit Factory, previous recording studio and current condominium. We just looked at it. Named a few artists that once stood on the sidewalk we were on. We got all information from wikipedia. Then we kept going and also look at the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. Yeah, that’s it. Is it lunch time yet? I asked. Not yet.

If you need a bathroom break, now is a good time to stop at Starbucks. Buy a bottle of water if you have to. You are in New York, so just don’t buy coffee here. Buy coffee somewhere better. Ask the internet.

We made our way to Pier 94 at the Hudson River Park. It’s winter, so nothing was happening today. We sat in the warm weather while more active people jogged by. We watched dogs pee on the trees and we eventually walked around while I made every effort to avoid the seagulls, pigeons and geese flocking the man that decided to throw down food for them because that is definitely a REALLY GOOD IDEA TO MAKE BIRDS FLY CRAZY ABOVE MY HEAD THANKS

We had decided to eat lunch at a Dominican restaurant called Lali. We found it on yelp and it had great reviews! But it was closed. Why? We don’t know. We walked a mile there for nothing hehehehe. There was a cool Croatian church on the way with great architecture and a wedding party was gathered outside. But, we found another Dominican place nearby and I don’t remember the name, but I’d probably try Lali instead. The food we got was okay. It got the job done, but I’m sure there’s better.

Also on that mile walk to lunch, we browsed the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market which was my favorite part of the day. Lots of leather jackets and vintage/antique stuff to look at.

We’d made plans to grab a beer at a nearby bar, but as it turns out, I’m not good at doing activities for several hours at a time. People and the sun make me grumpy, so we happily hopped on the train back to Brooklyn, which we all know is the better borough.


Pictures from the day:

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Our next time list for when we have real adult money:

  • Take a drop in class at Alvin Ailey. $20 each, but there’s a 2 classes for $32 deal for new people.
  • Buy museum and tour tickets to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. Tickets are $26 for regular adults and the tours are extra.
  • Go to the Library Bar for expensive (okay maybe not, but we aren’t sophisticated) cocktails. I think I read $16. Also can’t really tell if that bar is in Hell’s Kitchen or right on the outskirts, can someone tell me??