change of the seasons

I have every excuse for not posting regularly like I literally just said I would start doing. My computer won't transfer my photos from my iphone to my storage device thingy, for one. Two, I'm tired. I'm just really tired. This post has a double meaning. Because fall is on its way. And me, summer, [...]

super easy salad

  This won't take very long to read or make. Mostly hands off, healthy, filling, good, done. chicken wings mint salad Ingredients: chicken wings butter texas pete mixed greens/arugula fresh mint leaves lemon olive oil salt + pepper You don't even have to measure this. Put chicken wings into/onto a pan, coat em with butter [...]

turmeric latte

Finally a turmeric latte I can handle! Full disclosure, this is basically drinkable dessert because I low key hate turmeric and adding too much sweetener is the only way I can stand it. BUT I'd like to think I'm still benefitting from the good spices, right? Before this gluten free, sugar intolerance thing, I used [...]