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Two reasons for this title today, friends. One: The March challenge of the week is to sponsor a girl so that she may receive an education. Whatever this means to you. You might begin sponsoring a child through a nonprofit and monthly financial donations. You might begin tutoring or mentoring. You might take some extra […]

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Hi! If you haven’t read my post from last week, go ahead and do that first. Okay… Great. Last week’s challenge was donating to a teacher in any sort of way. I ended up getting prayer requests more than anything and talked a little with a friend frustrated with the way her school was running […]

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March’s theme for our year of sustainability based on this plan is about empowering women. I love that. I love that in a year of mostly focusing specifically on environmental practices, we are taking the time to talk about gender and race and how environment is tied in with all of life. I got really […]


I wasn’t asking for it

Gonna keep this short because there’s not too much to say. Tonight I went out with my friends to get frozen yogurt. We had just gone to a baseball game so we were wearing sneakers, decent length shorts, and loose sporty tshirts. Simple. ‘Til a guy catcalled at us from his truck as we were […]


8 Things You Can Suck On

I just read this wonderful article by a man who I assume gets all the ladies. Seriously, I think he’s at the top of the food chain. If I wasn’t in a relationship, I’d be all over it. Before reading any further, read this man’s list, or my post won’t make sense. I do warn […]