Va bene / in Italia

I'm really afraid of flying. I already wrote about that. What I didn't say was how much I'm REALLY AFRAID OF FLYING. I thought my flight to Dallas was bad. Then I got on a flight across the Atlantic and figured out how scared I actually am. I didn't used to be, but I get … Continue reading Va bene / in Italia


Long story short, I wrote a guest post for an online magazine a few weeks ago and a woman (I think to be mid-40s) commented that my article was “level 1.” While I’m still a little salty that someone from the older generation would be so discouraging to a younger believer, that’s not what this … Continue reading Simplicity

A Final Update

I can't believe summer project is actually over. After spending 32 days in New York City, I'm back in quiet small-town North Carolina. And it's really difficult. Before you have the usual reaction of telling me to get over it, let me explain a few things. City life and country life are very different, if … Continue reading A Final Update