I’m writing this for You.

They say a relationship with a writer is worth nothing if the writer doesn't write about you. I never really thought this was true until I looked back at my own relationships. I wrote about the good ones. I always wrote about them. And I rarely wrote about the bad ones. Terrible things, maybe. But [...]

Pastors on a pedestal

Another day, another headline about a pastor coming forward with a scandal. According to what I read, the church is handling it very well. And I hope that rather than using this story to further condemn the church, we can look at this as a perfect example of Christianity. Hold up, wait a minute, did [...]

Blindly moving forward

I took a personality test last night. I didn't like my result. It made me seem boring AND it was the most common personality in the world. C'mon, test, I'm rarer than that. So I took it again and got a different result. Better. Then I made my boyfriend take it and he got the [...]

Crying out

I had come back from a full day of an internship, a class, and rushing to get my study abroad application filled out by deadline. I had complete confidence in myself to get the task done. Then I called my dad. A semester abroad is a bit of money—money we don’t have. Money we’re already [...]

A Final Update

I can't believe summer project is actually over. After spending 32 days in New York City, I'm back in quiet small-town North Carolina. And it's really difficult. Before you have the usual reaction of telling me to get over it, let me explain a few things. City life and country life are very different, if [...]

Cactus in the valley

And wipe the mark of madness from my face Show me that your love will never change If my yesterday is a disgrace Tell me that you still recall my name This song speaks wonders to me. I first heard it browsing through a Lights youtube playlist. I started paying attention to the lyrics and [...]


I am worth more than a failure. I am worth more than my success. You say I can do better, but maybe I've done my best. I did my best on your assignment, on your test And it isn't good enough. It's never good enough. You say I can do better and life is tough [...]

Dear Christian,

Dear Christian,

Dear everything Christian: I'm talking to you blogs and magazines and books and television shows (?) and whatever else you attack me in. We need to talk... About how much you talk about marriage. I'm breaking up with you, ironically. Because you're stressing me out. It seems like you're trying to convince me that love [...]