Two reasons for this title today, friends. One: The March challenge of the week is to sponsor a girl so that she may receive an education. Whatever this means to you. You might begin sponsoring a child through a nonprofit and monthly financial donations. You might begin tutoring or mentoring. You might take some extra [...]

day 62

Since I wrote last... We've gone from Spokane to Missoula to Big Sky to Rapid City to Mitchell to Minneapolis to Chicago to Clearfield to where we are now. A huge part of this trip was trying to figure out where we wanted to live. We moved out of New York City and lived with [...]

year one, the poem.

felt your hot breath and your tears falling to my chest as we feared together, things to come. i sat quietly, your arms around me, with lightbulbs in my head turning on. thinking when we're old, if we make it there... i don't believe in promises, but this i swear: i know you'll love me [...]

Let’s talk about why.

Let’s talk about why.

Hey. I find that it's important to establish a purpose behind any action. Well, I started a new blog. Here's why. I have a blog already. It stuck with me through college and then I kind of stopped. I think it was exactly what I needed for the time. It started purposeless and turned into [...]

Enjoying the journey

Today we are so focused on where we’re going to end up. So much emphasis goes into finding the right college major so you can graduate with a 4.0 and get the best job ever. And a lot of times, we focus so much on the end goal, we forget about the actual process of [...]