The convincing problem

I'm reading a book about climate change. Scientifically, climate change is scary. But this book is giving me so much anxiety and dread for our environmental future. Like, I'm picturing a desert wasteland where we fight each other for food and water. At some point in this fight, you've gotta be the optimist. I already [...]


I want to make another argument for the zero waste movement. This movement, for me, is about owning less and using less. It's about being more aware of what I'm putting in and on my body. Being good to the earth is a positive side effect of this movement, of course, but I have to [...]

Let’s talk about why.

Let’s talk about why.

Hey. I find that it's important to establish a purpose behind any action. Well, I started a new blog. Here's why. I have a blog already. It stuck with me through college and then I kind of stopped. I think it was exactly what I needed for the time. It started purposeless and turned into [...]