Guest post! Young love

I asked two of my young-ish newly married friends about their experiences. Lucky you: you get to hear from all three of us about what being married is like and all the fun societal comments that come with it. The first post is from Kaitlin! She did something similar to me: get married, move to [...]

“You are more loved than you will ever know by someone who died to know you.”

I've never really been much for people. And by that I mean I'm one of the most introverted people you'll ever meet, even if I don't show that on the outside. I've always been quiet. Most of the time, I'm fine blending in with the background. But sometimes that can be a really dangerous thing. [...]


I'd just like to remind everyone of something that I was graciously reminded of tonight. Genesis 1:27 "So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." Mankind, as a whole, was created by and is loved by the God of the universe. [...]


HEY, YOU. Yes, you. So there's this new thing on twitter where it shows you tweets similar to a particular one you are viewing. One thing led to another and I really don't know how I ended up where I did, but I found this girl. And all of her tweets were sad. Really sad. [...]