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Crown Heights

This one feels unfinished, but I think it’s unfair to hold things in until they’re perfect. My standard of perfection I’ve had for my work has prevented me from sharing things for 23 years. When gun violence hits close to home and you type into your phone on your train ride back to your apartment […]


From the Archives: Immigration

I’ve decided to occasionally do a “from the archives” post where I dig up something I wrote that may or may not pertain to current news and apply new knowledge to it. I think it’ll be exciting. Today I’m choosing one that relates to this current news item. Read before continuing, please! Or not, but […]

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the hard things

If you go back through my archives, you may have noticed I stopped writing for a while. I mean quite the hiatus. And my writing changed. I used to write about… serious things, I guess. Now you’re seeing recipes. Sometimes. There’s a lot going on and I feel guilty when I’m silent. And I think […]

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Rethinking Justice: The Value of a Life

5/19/15 Update: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Boston Marathon bomber has been sentenced to death. The discussion is relevant once again. The United States’ use of the death penalty has come up in various circles for me this week. First, I was invited to sign a petition asking the state of Georgia to stop the execution of Kelly […]


Russell Brand responds to Chapel Hill & Copenhagen murders

This one is close to home for me (literally). It pains me to see entire faiths condemned for one extremist group. I don’t like when people lump all of Christianity into one category. Is Islam really so different that they should become lesser? We may not agree on all things or believe the same things, […]