Pizza tots

Bread makes me sick, but sometimes I need pizza and I don't feel like making gluten free crust myself. Potatoes really aren't much better. Just a little better. That's a good enough reason to make pizza tots. It doesn't require a recipe tbh, but I wanted to tell you this is something you should try [...]

thanks trader joes

A recipe title would give away every ingredient in this because it's so easy! My husband ate... well a lot of this. Loved it. Really. Here we go. put together this stuff (in one pan!) Ingredients: 1 package Trader Joe's chicken sausage with the apple and something 1/2 yellow onion garlic cloves (or powdered. do [...]

celebrating fall meals

I've decided that, while I love reading the commentary of molly yeh or deb perelman, I don't enjoy writing my own. Straightforward and easy recipes that are not professional at all? That's where I'm at. I'm too tired to cook, but I also really love to eat. Let's do it. Fall is TODAY! I celebrated [...]

turmeric latte

Finally a turmeric latte I can handle! Full disclosure, this is basically drinkable dessert because I low key hate turmeric and adding too much sweetener is the only way I can stand it. BUT I'd like to think I'm still benefitting from the good spices, right? Before this gluten free, sugar intolerance thing, I used [...]