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Last night or perhaps the night before I was talking with my friend about writing. How when you are grieving, as she is too, it feels good to write. But it feels forced to write. It’s a weird balance. Add me, dramaqueen, into the mix and you’ll get months and months without a single word […]

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If you go back through my archives, you may have noticed I stopped writing for a while. I mean quite the hiatus. And my writing changed. I used to write about… serious things, I guess. Now you’re seeing recipes. Sometimes. There’s a lot going on and I feel guilty when I’m silent. And I think […]

Thank You

Thankful for you.

Today I am thankful for strangers. Beautiful, honest strangers. The strangers that read my blog with open minds and encourage me, praising my vulnerability and heart-wrenching truths. I thank you. I cannot express how much you mean to me. Thank God for you. Thank God for people and bless the differences among us and the […]


Guidelines for avoiding guidelines.

I. Hate. Guidelines. I hate checklists. I hate to-do lists. I hate advice on how to accomplish a task. Okay, kind of. I think the amount of knowledge on the Internet right now is terrifying. And a HUGE majority of this knowledge is “how-to.” How to have the perfect wedding, how to write a novel, […]